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Premiere, performances, concerts… although the season has only started, positive reviews and sell-outs already announce a successful season for Staatsorchester Braunschweig and their GMD Srba Dinić. They are preparing a special concert for Wolfsburg audience where they will perform Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms. The title of the concert is Leonora, after Beethoven’s overture no. 3 which will open the concert. Of the three Leonora overture compositions, this one is believed to be the most beautiful because it brings the story to the culmination and celebrates humanism and heroes. The audience will recognize the same motives coloured with more lyrical moments in Brahms’s First Symphony which is seen by many as a sequel to Beethoven’s nine symphonies, bearing in mind the deep love and respect Brahms cherished for Beethoven. The orchestra demonstrate all their qualities regularly at symphonic concerts, however it is a special event when one of the members introduces themselves as soloists. At this concert it will be Salomo Schweizer solo oboist of the orchestra. He will perform Mozart’s concert in C-major, which is very popular in the arrangement for flute due to its singableness, but in this case the concert will have a warm musical expression characteristic for Schweizer’s playing. For Srba Dinic and Staatsorchester Braunschweig this will be another opportunity to display all the qualities of joint playing and mutual support.

14th September 2018 at 20h
Scharoun Theater, Wolfsburg