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The Braunschweig audiences look forward to June every year when Staatsorchester organizes a grand concert in the park. This is the day when families and friends get together to enjoy classical music in the beautiful natural surroundings. This is also the day when BraunschweigStaatsorchester announces the new season, promotes classical music and interacts with the audience. The last year’s concert was a special one at which SrbaDinic introduced himself as the new GMD and broke the visitor record. This year’s program will include Prokofiev, Brahms, Gershwin, Ravel, Strauss and others. Their works together under the title The Dance of lion will make this an unforgettable and inspiring day to all present, both the orchestra and the audience, eager for the beginning of the new concert season.
3rd June 2018 at 15h
Braunschweig City Park