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The large stage of the concert hall Stadthalle will be filled with the full orchestra and the best choirs of Braunschweig. All of them led by Srba Dinic’s baton will gather together to perform the most significant piece of symphonic music – Mahler’s Third Symphony. Mahler believed that the symphony should sound as the world and life do. To present all that through music he composed symphonies of large scope and sumptuous sound colours. He wanted to express all that lives in a human being, from love for natural beauties down to his deepest internal sufferings, from the happiest joy down to devastating despair. He significantly expanded symphonic form and wanted is music to be performed by largest possible number of participants. With this in mind, there will be over 200 musicians on the stage; through six movements of the symphony they will show everything that simmers in a human heart and what carries them throughout the life. It is generally believed that the most beautiful part of thesymphony is the finale, the sixth movement The Love Story. Due to its beauty this movement is often performed as an independent piece. On this occasion, it will come as the crown of the concert and the end of the whole life story. It will be told by Srba Dinic, soloist Isabel Stüber Malagamba and Staatsorchester Braunschweig together with the Saatstheater Chor and Konzertchor choirs.

17th March 2019 at 11am
18th March 2019 at 8pm
Stadthalle, Braunschweig