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Hamburg Philharmonics is one of the most beautiful modern edifices in Europe and one of the largest music centers in the world. This prestigious venue for all classical musicians will be a new stage on which Staatsorchester Braunschweig will perform as of this spring. Led by their GMD Srba Dinic, the first part of the program will include idyll for an orchestra by Anton Webern “Im Sommerwind” and Alma Mahler’s “Seven songs 1910”. Mezzo-soprano Sara Ferede is closely familiar with the orchestra having been a member of Brauschweig opera herself for a few years. Doubtless the soloist and the orchestra, a well matched ensemble will be able to express all deep emotions of Alma Mahler’s eventful life.
Contrary to the first part of the concert, in the second one the orchestra will musically portray the cozy and warm family life of Richard Strauss through his work “Symphonia Domestica” . It will not be the first time for Srba Dinic to conduct on the extraordinary concert stage. Therefore he will lead the orchestra with great confidence through all mood changes in the course of the concert, which will help Staatsorchester Braunschweig to present themselves in their full strength and leave the audience desirous of more concerts in the magnificent building.

31st March 2019 at 10
Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg