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To finish the series of its symphonic concerts Braunschweig Staatsorchester chose the famous symphony which moved composing bounderies in 1824. Bethoven’s Symphony No 9 is known as a monumental piece at the very pinnace of his opus. The audience will be impatiently waiting to hear the fourth movement of the sypmphony in which Bethoven introduced vocal soloist quartet and mixed chorus to round up the piece with Schiller’s verses. When listening to it we all understand why Ode to Joy accompanies all important events and ceremonies. In addition to Bethoven, the orchester will also perform Shadow of Sound, by Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino who is noted for his creation of peaceful atmosphere in which the audience can feel and hear the subtlest sounds coming from the orchestra. For Srba Dinic and well versed Braunschweig theatre ensemble this will be a pleasurable task. The Braunschweig Stadthalle is a hall with beautiful acoustics of both the softest and the most energetic sounds performed by the orchester, and with Srba Dinic’s baton they will convey the music’s most varied emotions.

10th June 2018 at 11h
11th June 2018 at 20h
Stadthalle Braunschweig