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The friendship between Srba Dinic and violinist Roman Simovic started in 2017 when together they opened Bolshoy Festival organized by Emir Kusturica. They will be continuing their cooperation in Braunschweig at the performance closing the season’s series of symphonic concerts. Bringing great joy to the audience they will perform Tchaikovsky’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D-major. The composer loved the Concerto, so unsurprisingly it is loved by audiences. Resulting from a great artistic inspiration Tchaikovsky wrote it in 1878 and expressed his immense life joy through it. The motifs of life’s light and darkness will alternate in the continuation of the concert when the orchestra will perform Brahms’ Fourth Symphony in E-minor. In last symphony Brahms composed, he showed his mature creativeness both in musical sense and in the sense of instrumentation variety and qualities demonstrable by an orchestra. With this particularly beautiful and demanding programme Staatsorhcester Braunschweig and GMD Srba Dinic will close the cycle of symphonic concerts. Next year’s programme has already been publicised so it is to be expected that Stadthalle will continue to be a favourite gathering place for classical music lovers.

16th June 2019 at 11am
17th June 2019 at 8pm
Stadthalle, Braunschweig