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Within the cycle of symphonic music concerts GMD Srba Dinic and Staatsorchestar Braunschweig are preparing to perform one of Beethoven’s best known piano concert, Concert No 3in C-minor Op 37. Through his interpretation, the German pianist Bernd Glemser will show why this concert is seen as a turning point in Beethoven’s opus and how the composer shifted his focus from virtuosity, in the forefront until then, to his personal feelings and changeability of character.
In the concert’s second part Istanbul Symphony by the Turkish composer Fazil Say will be performed. Even before 2008 when Say was pronounced the Ambassador of Intercultural Dialogue by the EU, he had been in the centre of attention in musical press. Srba Dinic and Staatsorchestar Braunschweig will endeavor to recreate the beauty of the Bosphorous city, through eastern musical ornaments and with the help of old instruments uncharacteristic of a symphonic orchestra.

25th February 2018 at 11h
Stadthalle Braunschweig